KCPI, as a forerunner of the early childhood educational childcare, is committed to develop and maintain the highest quality professional childcare services.

Welcome to the homepage of KCPI.

KCPI is a public institution established under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, having aims to further the impact of implemented projects and improve the satisfaction of clients like young children, their parents and early childhood educators through systematic projects supporting the formulation of Korean childcare policy.

In the realm of the growth and development of humans, the importance of early childhood is widely acknowledged and the interest of parents and society in the childcare services for young children has been gradually expanding day by day.

For this reason, policy agendas have been focusing on figuring out diversified alternatives that have positive effects on the quality of childcare in terms of the professionalism of early childhood educators, contents of early childhood educational childcare services, public interest in childcare centers, and open, flexible management.

KCPI intends to proactively respond to social concerns and demands for policy changes that emphasize on the quality rather than quantity of the educational childcare services. In addition, it is committed to provide the effective and substantial services by strengthening its capabilities and expertise.

As a vital institution of early childhood educational childcare services, KCPI would do its utmost endeavor to grow as a stable public institution with the high brand value.

We sincerely ask each and every one for the continual interest and encouragement in our efforts.

Mun-hee Seo
Director of Korea Childcare Promotion Institute