Accreditation System

The system issues the certificate to the childcare center through a fair evaluation process after it self-inspections and improves its quality based on the indicators.



Indicator Composition: 4 areas, 21 indicators, 79 items

Indicator Composition

Operation Process

The Accreditation of Childcare Center must Proceeds through 4 Steps

1 Step
  • Check the Participation

Check the basics, self-inspection, and payment of fees

2 Step
  • Evaluation at the Center

Visits by observers in person

3 Step
  • Integrated Evaluation

Decision on accreditation

4 Step
  • Result Announcement

Notification of individual results and public announcement of information

Accreditation Criteria

Class of Childcare
A Approved Four-year -
B, C Approved Three-year B, C Class centers may re-apply once within a year


Disapproved - D Class centers may re-apply once
before public announcement

Result Announcement

Site for public announcement of integrated information (
Open the results of evaluation (class by areas, class of childcare centers, evaluation result paper)

Classes Result Announcement
A, B, C Classes Accreditation approved (A, B, C classes)
D Class Disapproved (D class)
Accreditation cancelled,
terminated, expired
Non-Accreditation (cancelled, terminated, expired)
Non-participant Non-Accreditation (non-applicants of accreditation)

Follow-Up Services

KCPI provides supports and services to improve and maintain the approved level of educational childcare services until the expiration date.

Items Contents
Annual self-inspection The annual self-inspection of the quality of childcare center and
submission of the report
Inspection to confirm Confirm whether the quality of the certified childcare center is
maintained or not (surprise visits)
Visit to confirm Confirm whether the quality of the childcare center is maintained
when there is a factor (e.g.,change of location, etc.)
changing the quality of the center
Cancel the Accreditation & Termination
Cancellation and termination of accreditation
in case of the violation of 「Infant Care Act」, 「The Child Welfare Law」 &
「 Sex of the Child and Youth Protection Act」
administrative disposition the change of representative, etc.
New Director’s Training Compulsive education course in case the director of
childcare center is changed
Training on Indicators Provision of information, training on operation system &
indicators of accreditation(on-line and off-line)